Course Contents and Schedule

Course Content and Schedule


  • Quick Start
  • 14 modules on mp3
  • 7 worksheets on pdf with instructions
  • 2 White Papers
  • 1 guided visualization
  • 1 – 3 page illustration


  • 15 Powerful Principles to Build Your Law of Attraction Success ebook
  • As A Woman Thinketh ebook
  • Case Study: Manifesting Hawaii report
  • Facebook Private Community of Committed Manifestors

Processes Included:

  • Wants / Don’t Wants – “T”-chart, then make list of wants only
  • The reason I don’t have it is
  • Letting go of resistance, coming into alignment, Wouldn’t it be nice if - oral
  • Feelingization™
  • Scripting feelings of having it
  • Soothe with Self Talk – move up the scale
  • SEE (See evidence everywhere, others like you ) and soothe

Schedule Highlights

Day 1 - Module 1: Introduction

How this course came about

Things I’ve manifested

How I got into law of attraction

Who this course is for – those who are stuck, frustrated and confused; who are too intelligent for the way law of attraction is usually taught

Bonus 1 - Read: Powerful Principles

Day 2 - Module 2: What do you really want?

What do I mean by ‘stuff?’

What is happening when it’s not happening? 3 steps

We start to look at our beliefs that might be keeping our desire away.

Two processes help you define it

Do Process 1: Wants / Don’t Wants – “T”-chart – written process; gives clarity

Do Process 2: The reason I don’t have it is: - written process; uncovers limiting beliefs

Day 3 - Module 3: How to ask for what you want?

We begin the process of alignment, and I give you a powerful process to start seeing immediate results.

Do Process 3: “Wouldn’t it be nice if” – oral process, begins alignment

Day 4 - Module 4: Who to ask?

We talk about the quantum field, the Universe, your Higher Self, field of all possibilities – who is that? You get clarity on God, Universe, Higher Self

Read: White Paper 1: Excerpt from Gratitude Journal article;

Do: Guided Visualization; to deepen your alignment

Day 5 - Module 5: When to ask?

Conscious and unconscious asking;

We talk about what’s wrong with affirmations

Gratitude and appreciation is good – feeling good brings more that feels good

Do Process 5: Scripting – write feelings of having it; deepens alignment

Bonus Process: Appreciations – oral process; moves clients out of doubt; out of frustrated

Day 6 – Module 6: When NOT to ask and what to do instead.

How to handle negative events.Add more

Read: White Paper 2: Hug and Run, article from my blog

Day 7 - Module 7: Thought Fog:

This is an example of our thoughts in action – first negative, then clearing to anticipation, then connecting with our desire.

Do Process: Repeat any process that gives you the most value

Day 8 - Module 8: She’s got my Stuff!

Dealing with resistance, discouragement, FUDs – fears, uncertainties, and doubts; impatience, jealousy, scarcity, chemicalization.

The story of Howard and Susie.

The Pie Theory of Life

Do Process 7: S.E.E. - See Evidence Everywhere – oral; convincer, gives optimism

Day 9 - Module 9: Should I even be asking for stuff anyway?

More about the quantum field, the pie theory. Maslow’s hierarchy

Do Process: What do I want to feel? Where have I had that feeling before? How can I create it now? – written process

Do Process 4: Feelingization™ for embodiment

Day 10 - Module 10: My stuff isn’t showing up!

We talk about timing, suffering, beliefs again, the story you tell, and payoffs. Excuses we give when we don’t get our stuff. Take the ‘how’ out of it – ego.

Time and space, payoffs, dominant mood, – we go deeper into my more advanced course

Do Process 6: Soothe with your words; oral process moves you up the emotional scale

Day 11 - Module 11: Why do good people get bad stuff?

A discussion on 9 ways we create by default and how to stop it.

This is a chapter from my book, “Why this?” or use q and a from previous chapter, beliefs and story, thoughts by default, fear and worry and doubt, victimization or martyrdom

Process 7 and Process 2 again

Day 12 - Module 12: How to know your stuff is coming?

Recognizing the thoughts, the feelings, the signs, and the joy that tell you your stuff is coming.

Bonus 2: Read As A Woman Thinketh

Day 13 - Module 13: What to do to make it come faster?

We discuss what is the holdup: beliefs and payoffs again, worthiness and the one big thing that matters most.

Bonus 3: Read Case Study: Hawaii

Day 14 - Module 14: Conclusion and celebration.

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